Khan Academy – Free Online Educational Courses – Forever


A common term for online educational services is known as ‘ MOOCS’ , and probably the Khan Academy is one that set things alight.

While online training has been around for some time , and mostly everyone can seek knowledge via the vast source of information on the internet, proper structured training is still a costly process.

Khan Academy covers a vast range of educational subjects from all levels of schooling and even beyond into vocational courses.

From Calculus to Programming.


A vast array of courses


One of the key differences of the Khan Academy is that it has learnt how to delivery online courses in an easy to understand and digest way for the online user. All delivered at the highest quality .

I particularly like the ability to go from sitting online SAT exams to learning key vocational skills like SQL / Sequal queries all in one place. So suitable for pupils , parents and job seekers.

Courses are free, but if you can make a donation, that does support the Academy … and a good investment it will be for you and others.

Khan Academy is one site not to be underestimated and as good as any tutor you can fin online.