Interview Tips and Techniques

Firsrly, well done .. you have an interview to attend. So you’re closer to your goal of a new job. However, making the right impression at the interview, it is worth running through some really useful tips to make you best prepared for the big day. Below is some to use as your checklist.


1.   Study and research carefully and fully the company you are going to meet. Use Google as a good starting point. Dig out as much as you can, Use Companies House to get specific data on each company.

  • What is the latest news about the company.
  • What is the ownership
  • Who are the key management
  • History of the company
  • What is their core product and their core market
  • What can you find out about their expansion plans
2.   Who is interviewing you?
What is their position in their firm. If there are more than one interviewer try and find out the info for each person. Use Google or Linked in for such information.


3.   What is the role you applied for?

Research how this role fits into the business and what the role entails.


4.   See if you can find someone who works there already and can give you some inside information.


5.   Prepare your questions about the company and the role. Do your homework.


6.   During the interview: answer the questions asked not give answers you want to give. Focus on what is being asked of you and answer that.


7.   Do not bore the interviewer. Remember “less is more”. Keep your answers short and precise.


8.   Do not be overly familiar with the interviewer. Be friendly but professional.


9.   Do not exaggerate or make claims for yourself which are not true


10.Try and think of an intelligent and relevant question at the end of the interview. But don’t feel obliged to ask any question. Be confident enough to say “thank you , you have covered all the questions I wanted to ask”, if that is the case.


11.Always handwrite an individual letter ( NOT an email) to each person who interviews you thanking them for their time during the interview. This is your chance to correct any mistakes or misunderstandings which may have arisen during the interview.