AMA Careers Fair 2015 – New Opportunities and Inspiring Speakers

The AMA Careers Fair returns to Morden with a vibrant range of employers, courses and career changing opportunities and inspiration.

AMA Careers Fair 2015

AMA Careers Fair 2015

Baitul Futuh Mosque hosts the 2015 AMA Careers Fair and include a number of inspirational speakers.

Atul Pathak – leading McDonalds Franchee, returns to offer his remarkable dose of business expertise that lead him to open 26 McDonalds Franchise stores in just 12years – and remarkably, he is less busy now then when he started!

Atul has a secret to his success and something only he can explain.

Atul came to one of our Boardroom Entreprenuers Forum and his talk took all by surprise.

Following on Keith R Harris gives his amazing insight into the World of Football Business.

Amoungst a host of exhibitors,

Sanato Tijarat UK will be on hand to help with career advise, professional networking and business start-up support.

Enterance to the event is strictly by pre-registration: